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Playground PALs Program

The experiences students have during playtime can have a significant impact on how well they perform during class time. Feeling left out or not having a friend to play with in the playground can put students on the back foot when they reach the classroom.  Playground Pals is a peer support program for the playground to promote positive playtime. Year 6 students volunteer to take on leadership roles as PALs (Playground Activity Leaders). Their main role is to organise games in the playground and ensure the playground is a safer, more enjoyable space for younger children. Some of their responsibilities include:

·       Looking after younger children

·       Befriending lonely children and helping them make friends

·       Spotting children at the friendship tree and finding them a friend to play with or getting them involved in a game

·       Taking out and putting away playground equipment and games

·       Designing and running games and activities such as ball games, craft activities and chess

Not only does this program provide lovely opportunities to engage students in positive play, it provides a valuable leadership opportunity for our Year 6 students. The PALs receive training that emphasises the need for empathy and inclusion as they perform their role, and they are required to give up one lunchtime per week as a PAL. They also have the opportunity to present ‘Kids Radio’, a daily broadcast to classrooms with updates on activities. It has been so pleasing to see students who would not see themselves in more traditional leadership roles, step up and display outstanding leadership as PALs.   

In their purple vests, the PALs have become an integral part of Wellbeing initiatives at Bowral Public School and are highly valued by teachers and students alike.​